Spell types:

Instant Spells

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Name Words Level Mana Vocations
Ultimate Groundshaker exori max ico 300 500 Rageful Knight
Ultimate Divine Missile exori max san 400 80 Glorious Paladin
Ressurect Friend exeta sio 500 Masterful Sorcerer
Deaths Core exevo gran mas mort 500 2400 Masterful Sorcerer
Ice Core exevo gran mas ice 500 2400 Ancient Druid
Cure Everything exana all 500 250 Sorcerer,
Elite Knight,
Master Sorcerer,
Elder Druid,
Royal Paladin,
Ancient Druid,
Masterful Sorcerer,
Glorious Paladin,
Rageful Knight
Mass Monster Debuff exevo mas ani 500 500 Sorcerer,
Master Sorcerer,
Masterful Sorcerer
Debuff Player exori max ani 500 1000 Sorcerer,
Master Sorcerer,
Masterful Sorcerer
Energy Beam exevo mort lux 900 750 Masterful Sorcerer
Grand Blood Rage exori gauge 1000 800 Rageful Knight
Grand Divine Caldera exevo gran mas holy 1000 1000 Glorious Paladin
Death Wave exevo mort hur 1000 800 Masterful Sorcerer
Legendary Groundshaker exevo gran mas exori 1000 1000 Rageful Knight
Supah Sharpshooter dore gauge 1000 1000 Glorious Paladin
Holy Wave exevo holy hur 1500 800 Glorious Paladin

Magical Runes

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Name Level Magic Level Image Vocations

Conjure Spells

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Name Words Level Mana Soul Charges Image Vocations
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